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technational 100 companies to work for

With the majority of people spending at least 35 hours of their week at work, we celebrate the places making that time well spent!

We've shortlisted the 100 top companies to work for - the ones with the best company culture, exceptional employee experience and multiple perks to brag about. Our expert panel of judges will be helping us choose the top 10!

Our Judging Panel

Brenda ChristensenCEO of Stellar Public Relations and a 2024 Top 50 Woman in Tech

Elle Farrell-Kingsley – Tech Faculty Instructor at Arizona College of Technology and Hebei University of Technology

Waseem Mirza – Tech Presenter and Journalist

Sidhharrth S Kumaar - Astro Numerologist and founder of NumroVani

Find their full bios here.

How We Created Our List

  • Companies offering extensive employee benefits
  • All companies included are ones with a work culture to brag about - from those who work hard to create a highly inclusive environment to those investing in collaboration and togetherness
  • Those whose employee reviews are a testament to the amazing workplace these companies have created

For any questions, changes or additional entries, please contact us directly

1. HotJar

HotJar is a product experience insights platform offering behavior analytics, recordings and feedback data to help you understand your customers more deeply and improve user experience.

They pride themselves on providing “perks that people actually want”, investing in home-office space, extensive paid leave policies and budgets for holidays, personal development and wellbeing. A remote-first company, they also have a budget dedicated to bringing people together from all over the world.

2. Uptimize

Uptimize enhances team performance for tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and IBM by leveraging diverse talents. As a leader in the "Neurodiversity at Work" movement, Uptimize unlocks unique skills of all thinkers, including neurodivergent individuals like autistic, ADHD, or dyslexic individuals.

With a highly neurodiverse team of their own, Uptimize supports all employees in understanding their work preferences and provides flexibility with unlimited paid time off and flexible scheduling.

3. Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Brooklyn Robot Foundry redefines STEM education by integrating creativity with technology in hands-on robotics workshops for children, blending art and design with science, technology, engineering, and math.

It's a great place to work because it fosters an inclusive, diverse environment with a strong commitment to accessibility, and supports franchise partners who are women and/or minorities.

4. She Rises Studios

She Rises Studios is an Empowered Women's Multi-Digital Marketing Studio and Publishing Company dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and educating women globally through community and various channels, including publishing, podcasts, magazines, and more.

What makes She Rises Studios a great place to work is its supportive and inclusive culture, flexible scheduling, remote work opportunities, and competitive compensation. Employees become part of a movement dedicated to creating meaningful change and impact, driven by a mission to inspire and empower women globally. With excellent leadership and a dynamic, diverse team, the work environment cultivates personal and professional growth, making each team member feel valued, inspired and impactful.


INSHUR is an embedded insurance provider for the on-demand economy, working with global platforms such as Uber and Amazon to provide cover and support to rideshare, delivery and other on-demand economy drivers.

Their team, distributed across the UK, the Netherlands, and the US, is based around a people-first environment that is positive, supportive and inclusive. With generous PTO, individual personal development budgets, as well as private healthcare (insurance) for team members and their families, monthly wellbeing allowances and an Employee Assistance Programme, INSHUR is committed to their team members staying healthy, productive, and supported.

6. 6sense

6sense is an AI-based company delivering intelligence to revenue teams helping them understand customer buying behavior and recommending the best course of action for buying teams.

As a workplace, 6sense is dedicated to caring for their team. Health and wellness is a priority as well as providing professional development for their employees. They also encourage social wellbeing, by means of flexible time off and access to co-working spaces, and opportunities to give back to the community.

7. is a data science company leveraging digital twins and AI to model and optimize supply chains. Its Optii system simulates all the possible ways that demand and supply variability can play out and in doing so, identifies the most cost-effective resilient supply chain model to respond proactively.

Their approachable leadership team inspire confidence and provide clear direction, fostering a sense of purpose and motivation among employees. Flexible working hours, remote work, generous PTO, learning opportunities, and mentorship programs are some of the supportive initiatives woven into work culture at Oii. Employee feedback is consistently 100% positive.

8. Labelbox

Labelbox is a software development company helping organizations build higher-quality AI intelligence products through labeling data.

From unlimited paid time off and regular company social events to paying for daily lunches (including for those working from home), labelbox is committed to providing an outstanding employee experience.

9. Herd

Herd is a leading performance marketing and development agency that helps global brands achieve exceptional reach and revenue through expertise in SEO, Content, Digital PR, Paid Media, and International Expansion, and excels as Shopify Plus Partners in website creation and design.

Herd is a great place to work due to its strong commitment to employee wellbeing, offering flexible/hybrid working, generous annual leave, volunteer day leave, charitable activities, and inhouse team socials such as movie nights and book clubs. They also provide unlimited training resources and certifications to promote mental health, work-life balance, and further expertise.

10. ChicExecs

ChicExecs is an award-winning Public Relations, Retail Strategy, and Brand Marketing agency based in San Marcos, Calif., creating multi-channel marketing plans to help take companies to the next level. Founded by Nikki Carlson and Kailynn Bowling, the agency encompasses their backgrounds in marketing, public relations, business management, retail, and sales.

Their team of more than 80 employees develops innovative ways to generate retail sell-through and brand awareness on both regional and national levels - turning a napkin idea into a household name. It's a fantastic place to work due to its emphasis on employee well-being, offering benefits like flexible schedules, remote work options, and a supportive, collaborative culture that fosters creativity and professional growth.

11. mpathic

Mpathic believes accurate understanding starts with empathy. Mpathic powers SaaS platforms with real-time conversation analytics, training and suggestions, improving outcomes in life sciences, healthcare and client services. They are a tech company run by a psychologist in a tech environment that has a history of systemic problems; they approach that history and re-imagine start-up life.

Mpathic believe benefits impact how we act, rest, grieve, set boundaries, and take care of ourselves and others — and that means quality benefits are a fundamental part of their empathy company and, in the big picture, an empathic society.

Their employee benefits include 100% company-funded health and dental insurance, volunteer days, annual donation matches, access to reproductive healthcare, and education stipends. Their intentional approach to benefits, leadership and team-building ensures that they create a supportive workplace for all employees.

12. CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry is a leading online school and career support center dedicated to educating the next generation of tech talent. Between personalized career coaching, job preparation courses and a career support center, CareerFoundry supports students in starting their new careers.

For employees, CareerFoundry offers a generous work-from-abroad policy (up to 6 months per year), flexible working hours and equity shares. Not only that, they have a generous vacation policy - 30 days with a sabbatical option after two years of employment, mental and physical wellbeing support via partnerships with physical and mental health clubs, and an unlimited budget for professional development books.


Miami-based Togal.AI is an award-winning cloud-based estimation software that uses Large Language Models (LLMs) and custom AI tools to automate and optimize takeoffs in construction. Togal’s proprietary AI can automatically detect, measure, compare and label project spaces and features on architectural drawings with 97%+ accuracy.

With a culture of remote workers from around the world, Togal.AI offers flexibility but also trips to scenic spots, from Portugal to Italy, to allow team members to collaborate in person. They also engage in fun virtual activities, such as group chats, Slack, and online game nights.

14. Fuel Logic LLC

Fuel Logic LLC is a leading provider of fuel delivery services, including on-site, mobile, and fleet fuelling options across the country, ensuring companies have uninterrupted access to vital fuels. At Fuel Logic, their team members are theur most valuable resource, enjoying extensive health insurance, generous paid time off, and retirement plans funded by their company.

Their environment encourages teamwork, creativity, and ongoing education, with frequent training sessions and adaptable work schedules, offering a nurturing and vibrant workplace that should be showcased on their website.

15. Majux

Majux is a digital marketing agency with offices in Philadelphia and Denver focusing on law firms.

Their employees benefit from comprehensive health benefits, a flexible WFH schedule, accruing PTO, digital nomad days, and a professional, productive pace that makes for a relaxed work atmosphere.

16. Deel

Deel is an HR platform, simplifying and streamlining the management of an international workforce to ensure global teams are kept happy and paid punctually.

As well as looking after other companies’ workforces, Deel is committed to looking after their own employees. With coverage for medical, dental and vision, contributions to retirement savings, generous paid leave, flexible working hours, as well as childcare support and gym memberships, Deel offers employees many benefits.

17. specializes in location analytics, collecting geolocation data from mobile devices. It helps clients measure store traffic and analyze marketing campaigns.

At, employees are invited to collaborate with, and learn from, top-notch talent. This fully remote company offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits including health insurance, 401k (with matching), paid vacation days and a heap of workplace culture benefits such as team-building events, catered meals and mentorship programs.

18. Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR is the most advanced VR experience for groups, combining motion capture, haptics, and cutting edge VR. Invented by veterans from EA, Sony and Ubisoft, they offer futuristic and interactive VR experiences for groups of up to 6, letting their users feel like they’re in a game or movie.

With a global team in multiple locations, as well as several fully remote roles, Sandbox VR offers a 4% 401K match, significant equity grants, robust medical benefits, generous internet and phone stipends in addition to competitive salaries.

19.One Firefly

One Firefly is an award-winning marketing agency catering to technology professionals in residential and commercial markets. Their use of fun Slack channels, virtual quarterly activities, annual team events in diverse locations (this year’s event is in Riviera Maya, Mexico), Core Value Kudos, awards, and social media shoutouts creates a work environment that fosters team interaction, recognition, and satisfaction.

Along with competitive benefits, One Firefly nurtures their employees' career paths with professional development funds, development-focused book clubs, industry-specific training, and client-facing training.

20. ImageX

ImageX believes "Our People Make the Difference", fostering a culture where individuals thrive and positive client relationships are paramount. Their core value, “succeeding together,” emphasizes collaboration, enhancing innovation, and boosting employee engagement.

With flexible work hours and locations, ImageX trust their employees to balance their lifestyles while achieving high growth and organizational goals. Recognized as a Great Place to Work since 2020 and ranked #1 Drupal agency globally by Clutch, ImageX is a leading workplace in Canada and the tech industry.

21. Superhuman

Superhuman is a software platform helping customers fly through their email inbox at super speed, saving them 10 million hours annually and offering unparalleled productivity.In addition to medical, dental and vision insurance, flexible vacation policies, free lunch and a generous budget for desk setup, they also pride themselves on being a social place to work.

During their first week, employees are set up with a Super buddy to help them settle in and answer questions and a weekly lunch roulette divides the team into random groups to get lunch out of the office, meet new people and build meaningful relationships. They also love to celebrate - regularly praising and celebrating achievements and joining together for Friday wins to share accomplishments of the week.

22. Jellyvision

Jellyvision partners with companies to help them offer employee benefits and resources that are actually worthwhile, reinventing how employees choose and use benefits. Through technology, they can help companies offer benefits that will make a difference.

Given what they do, it’s no surprise that Jellyvision also offers their own employees a range of benefits and perks. In addition to core benefits (such as medical, dental and vision insurance, premiums for dependents and 401K), they also offer flexible PTO and work policies, self-care days to recharge and generous parental leave, adoption, and surrogacy assistance. They also offer a home office, gym and wellness allowance as well as a therapy stipend.

23. Teachable

Teachable is a no-code platform empowering creators to design and own their own content. By using Teachable, they can engage and monetize their online audiences through courses, coaching, community, memberships, and digital downloads.

As a workplace, many Teachable employees speak highly of the work culture describing a team of passionate employees who thrive on daily challenges, communicate openly and work towards a shared vision. In terms of benefits, they offer flexible hours, unlimited PTO, tax-free commuter benefits, weekly free lunches, free snacks and personalized desk setups.

24. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a membership-based retailer delivering high-quality natural and organic groceries from a range of leading brands.

One of the clear perks for Thrive Market employees is a free membership as well as 20% on all products. The company also offers comprehensive healthcare benefits and insurance options. Employee benefits include flexible working hours, unlimited PTO, equity benefits, retirement benefits and paid parental leave (up to 12 weeks). There is also a generous budget for Learning & Development as well as wellness benefits (such as access to a mental health and well-being platform, and weekly yoga), and lunches - catered office lunches or remote lunch stipends.

25. RocketReach

RocketReach technology helps professionals connect with career opportunities, jobs and customers through an easy and highly accurate email finder. RocketReach’s work culture is built on core values of humility and low ego, collaboration, data-driven decisions, and a solution-oriented mindset. They are dedicated to their people and setting them up for success.

As well as a work culture to be proud of, they offer competitive salaries and medical, dental and vision insurance and match 401(K). They invest in strong leadership for a happier team and put money into creating a great work culture with lots of resources.

26. Chameleon Collective

Chameleon Collective is a company offering business transformation services relating to branding, marketing, CX, eCommerce, and sales. Among employees, it is thought to be one of the best places to work thanks to its business model that joins independent consultants together as part of a collective.  

The result is a network of professionals who feel a great sense of belonging, connecting with other people who are passionate about their jobs and dedicated to doing their best. As a consequence, they have a 5-star rating on Glassdoor based on anonymous employee feedback.

27. NotionLab

NotionLab is a software company that provides a platform for knowledge management, project management, and task management. They value in-person interaction and bonding and collaboration. With two anchor days (where employees are encouraged to work in the office), and a third day for team-based activities, fostering collective energy and collaboration is key for Notion.

Employees are given a monthly stipend towards any services that suit their personal needs so they can prioritize what matters most to them. NotionLab keeps employees and their dependents covered with competitive medical, dental, vision insurance and access to providers offering personalized mental health and wellbeing services. Biological, adoptive, and foster parents are offered paid time off to spend quality time with family and fertility benefits offer employer-sponsored funds to pay for fertility treatments and family-forming services.

28. WhatNot

Whatnot is the fastest growing marketplace in the US. Through live auctions, it offers users a social marketplace where they can discover anything from women’s thrift and luxury handbags, to Pokémon cards.

For their employees, they cover health, dental, vision and life insurance plans, as well as covering some dependent costs.They also help workers balance work-life balance with flexible time off, 15 paid holidays, paid parental leave and holiday week off at the end of the year. In addition, employees receive a stipend to set up their remote work space.

29. Merit

Merit's Software with a Service (SwaS) works to quickly transform large-scale government programs with a 95% customer satisfaction score. It works by combining technology with hands-on support to streamline emergency response, workforce revitalization, and direct-to-beneficiary programs.

Often acknowledged as a great place to work, Merit’s generous benefits include six months of fully paid parental leave, comprehensive insurance for employees and their families, equity participation, comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage, flexible work locations and hours, unlimited PTO, and a values-driven culture.

30. SevenRooms

SevenRooms is a software especially designed to help hospitality businesses grow. It acts as a unified marketing and operations platform with built-in guest analytics and integrations.

Employees receive a generous benefits package including 401(k) & retirement plans, medical, dental and vision insurance and stock options on top of paid parental leave, flexible hours and remote work options and resources for learning and development. Unique benefits include unlimited vacation, the first two weeks of employment as paid time off, a monthly stipend to pay on yourself and milestone awards to recognize time and dedication to the company.

31. Ripple

Ripple uses crypto and blockchain technology to offer fast, transparent and cost-effective enterprise-grade solutions - from sourcing crypto and engaging new audiences to lowering capital requirements and driving new revenue.

At Ripple, employees benefit from 16 weeks of paid parental leave with inclusive family-forming benefits, flexible vacation, 100% paid healthcare coverage, comprehensive health and wellness programs, learning and development opportunities, and additional R&R days for company-wide recharging. They are also encouraged to give back to the company with Ripple matching employee donations.

32. Workato

Workato helps you automate business workflows across cloud and on-premises apps. For example, automate quote-to-cash business processes which may involve transferring data between apps such as Salesforce, Netsuite, , and Apttus.

For employees, Workato offers flexible working arrangements with hybrid and remote options. Employees are supported both in their personal and professional career with a budget for training programs and individual career support, budget for home office set up and dedicated wellness time.

33. Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers an all-in-one social media management platform to help companies transform their marketing strategy, and beyond.

Within the company, in addition to comprehensive healthcare, family plans and inclusive workspaces, employees receive a range of benefits. Sprout offers generous PTO, quarterly days for rest and relaxation, and prioritizes personal connections through in-person events, interest-based Slack channels and option chats with someone new in the company every two weeks.

34. dbt labs

dbt Cloud makes data transformation easier, faster, and less expensive. Optimize the code, time, and resources that go into your data workflow with dbt Cloud.

A global company, dbt Labs offers its employees locally relevant and competitive benefits. In addition to comprehensive healthcare and retirement plans, they support their remote team to work from home, with a budget for optimal work environment or rented office space. They believe that self-care should be a priority rather than a luxury and dedicate monthly health and wellness stipends for each employee, a membership to a wellbeing platform and expenses for professional development resources.

35. FloQast

FloQast is the leading accounting workflow automation and Close management software. They help ensure a fast and accurate month-end close.

Employees receive comprehensive healthcare - including medical, dental, vision, fertility and adoption services and employee assistance - and a range of financial resources such as stock options, retirement plans and even free legal services. With flexible working arrangements, plenty of opportunities to socialize and resources to continue their education, FloQast encourages work-life balance and personal development.

36. BetterUp

BetterUp is a coaching platform to drive individual transformation and, subsequently, organizational growth through world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science experts.

As well as full access to the platform, including personalized expert coaching in nutrition, sleep, leadership, communication and more, BetterUp employees receive budgets for learning and wellbeing, volunteer and InnerWork days (to work on themselves), comprehensive medical, dental and vision cover. They also offer flexible time off, paid parental leave and a generous $20K family planning stipend.

37. Bloomreach

Bloomreach’s technology uses real-time data and AI to personalize the ecommerce experience and enable companies to connect with individual customers.

With remote work options, a free meditation app, volunteering time, loyalty celebrations and DisConnect Days where all employees are given an extra day off, working at Bloomreach allows for a great deal of rest and disconnection time. Company culture promotes development opportunities, participation in company success with stock ownership, and a supportive culture focused on performance and community engagement.

38. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is the world’s fastest-growing talent management platform with Applicant Tracking Software to optimize employee experience and initiatives to maximize employee and company success.

Thanks to comprehensive health plans, 301(k) with employee match, flexible vacation, paid holidays and enhanced parental leave, ClearCompany is a great place for employees. In addition, employees benefit from a relaxed and collaborative work environment, fully remote roles, flexible-work Fridays, paid sabbatical opportunity, paid time off to volunteer and a matching gift program.

39. Gong

Gong software uses AI-powered technology to help sales teams boost win rates, increase average deal size, and increase revenue.

Employee benefits include mental health support, wellness funds, and work-from-home stipends for health and wellness, generous paid time off with quarterly company shutdowns and parental leave. Gong employees also receive financial well-being support with employee equity, retirement savings, and commuter benefits, as well as professional development opportunities through training, employee resource groups, and mentorship initiatives.

40. Florence Healthcare

Florence Healthcare is an integrated platform to streamline the clinical trial process and connect sponsors, CROs, and research sites to accelerate cures and improve patient incomes.

For employees of Florence Healthcare, they are entitled to unlimited vacation, remote work opportunities and flexible work hours. In addition to competitive salary, excellent health benefits and equity & 401k programs, they also benefit from unlimited snacks and drinks, countless L&D programs, volunteer opportunities, mentorships, commuter benefits and regular office celebrations.

41. Zone & Co

Zone & Co offers a software which promises to revolutionize back-office operations for finance teams including advanced reporting, AP automation, payroll complex billing, and more.

The company prides themselves on their working culture, the people in their team and their opportunities for growth. They offer full coverage and retirement planning, make sure everyone is set up with the ideal remote work setup, and give employees unlimited time off.

42. Aura

Aura offers an all-in-one online protection for devices, powered by AI, to protect against identity theft, scams and online threats.

In addition to comprehensive health coverage and competitive 401(k) plans, Aura offers employees unlimited time off, paid volunteer time, family care leave, tuition support and various wellbeing benefits. They are also committed to professional development with various networking opportunities and resources for Learning & Development.

43. PeopleTec

PeopleTec is an employee-owned small business, dedicated to a people-centric workplace and technical excellence. They offer emerging technologies, engineering solutions, modeling and simulation, cybersecurity, and mission operations support to the Department of Defense and Civilian Federal sectors.

For their employees, they offer a range of benefits from medical, dental, vision, and cancer indemnity to paid leave increasing with additional years of service, performance incentives and continuous professional development opportunities.

44. Skydio

Skydio manufactures drones for use in battlefield situational awareness, policing, and inspection. Their drone programs are designed to get dangerous work done safely, smartly and quickly.

They pride themselves on being a team of passionate individuals dedicated to building the coolest tech and having fun. From comprehensive medical and insurance benefits, to health wellness reimbursements and free meals, Skydio looks after their employees.

45. Terakeet

Terakeet is an owned asset optimization (OAO) partner helping brands optimize and unify their owned assets to create meaningful customer connections and boost growth.

As well as comprehensive care coverage, unlimited paid time off, and 401K matching, Terakeet has some very fun perks including various team events and retreats, tickets to Syracuse sporting events and museums and a wine club with monthly deliveries.

46. Grow Therapy

Online platform, Grow Therapy aims to make therapy accessible to all Americans, offering flexible and affordable mental health care.

They also look after the physical and mental health of their team with regular mental health breaks, unlimited PTO and an annual week off to recharge, stipend for remote office, learning and wellness and free meals.

47. Lokalise

Lokalise offers a platform for localization and translation management, helping to create more agile teams.

For their remote team, they offer a coworking allowance, home office set up, flexible schedules, wellness stipends, opportunities for personal development and unlimited vacation days. In addition, they offer comprehensive health insurance, stock options, and up to 16 weeks of parental leave for new parents. A carbon neutral company, they also offer employee benefits focused on creating a greener planet.

48. Bitrise

Bitrise helps organizations automate their entire development cycle and offers them customizable workflows which allows them to build, sign, modify, and deploy their projects automatically.

At Bitrise, all employees are provided stock options and given the option to work flexibly and remotely. Physical and mental well-being is prioritized with a comprehensive health insurance package and professional growth is encouraged through free leadership programs and learning opportunities. They also offer opportunities to travel and come together with company retreats worldwide.

49. Asana

Asana is a work management platform powered by AI which seamlessly connects work and workflows to company-wide goals.

They are invested in the health and wellbeing of their employees, from extensive medical benefits, nutritional education and gym access to flexible paid time off, generous paid leave policies, a 16-week minimum parental leave and the option for sabbatical after four years.

50. Jabra

Jabra develops, manufactures and markets different types of wireless headsets for individual mobile users, offices and even those hard of hearing.

At Jabra, work culture revolves around career progression at the forefront of technology in a globally established yet ever changing environment. With the flexibility to work from anywhere, Jabra provides full insurance coverage (including pet and auto!), wellness reimbursements, paid time off and vacation, 401K and retirement plan, tuition reimbursement and performance-related bonuses.

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