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Top 100 Companies To Work For 2024 (51-100)

51. BombBomb

BombBomb is a user-friendly video messaging platform that helps businesses create and send personalized videos via email. Their goal is to keep companies human and promote personal connection and relationship-building.

A remote-first company, BombBomb offers employees flexible paid time off, 1st Fridays off to promote work-life balance, budgets towards home office set up and benefits dedicated to professional education and growth.

52. Chegg Inc

Chegg Inc provides homework help, digital and physical textbook rentals, textbooks, online tutoring, and other student services.

The company offers employees flexible time off policy and generous vacation, including 2 weeklong Chegg breaks as well as comprehensive healthcare plans (including mental health and family support) and a monthly lifestyle spending benefit. They also have an Equity for Education program to help employees pay off their student debt.

53. Gigamon

Gigamon gives their global clients deep network visibility and analytics on all data-in-motion, helping IT organizations improve security, speed up performance issue analysis, and fully leverage cloud transformation.

With competitive salary and a hybrid work environment as well as flexible time off, access to an office gym, free meals and resources for professional development, Gigamon makes sure their team stays happy.

54. Dataiku

Dataiku is a collaborative data science software platform designed for data professionals. It provides them with a centralized working environment allowing them to easily manipulate data, explore and share analyses, make predictions, and create AI models.

For their team, they provide a range of value-based benefits including flexible work place and hours, employee resource groups to promote diversity and inclusion, “Friday University” to learn something new from other colleagues and global in-person gatherings to bring the team together.

55. TopBloc

TopBloc is a technology consulting firm dedicated to providing fixed-time, fixed-price Workday services and on-demand support.

Team members receive competitive compensation, including subsidized medical coverage and 401K matching, access to learning and development tools, unlimited PTO and monthly wellness stipends. They are also committed to team camaraderie with daily catered lunches, frequent team outings and annual celebrations.

56. Loop

Loop is a return portal revolutionizing the post-purchase experience by automating the returns and refunds of products.

Their benefits prioritize three areas of wellness: physical, emotional and financial. From full healthcare coverage,flexible paid time off and paid parental leave, and monthly wellness benefits, Loop also helps employees save for their future with a competitive 401K program.

57. Nasuni

Nasuni is a leading hybrid cloud storage solution offering scalable, secure, and high-performance storage, consolidating data, enhancing security, and supporting remote and hybrid work, without changing apps or workflows.

Team members benefit from comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans, a 401(K) retirement plan, professional growth opportunities with performance-related bonuses and incentive stock options. Work-life balance is respected with flexible paid time off, flexible schedules and locations, access to a fitness center, options to work from home, flexible commuting options, stand-up desks and even dry cleaning services!

58. Coro

Coro is a leading enterprise-grade cybersecurity service, empowering organizations to easily defend against threats including malware, ransomware, phishing and more across multiple devices.

They offer benefits including unlimited vacation days, robust medical, dental and vision packages, insurances including pet insurance and 401K with company match.

59. HealthJoy

HealthJoy is an employee benefit and healthcare guidance app helping employees get the most of their benefits.

Unsurprisingly, HealthJoy also prioritizes their own employee benefits. A remote-first company, they offer a stipend to get comfortably set up, as well as comprehensive health and wellness benefits, virtual and in-person company events, stock options, 401K match and plenty of options for recharge including flexible PTO, paid holidays and parental leave.

60. The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index is a company offering talent optimization software, workshops, and expert consulting.

Employees enjoy employer-paid life insurance and disability insurance, dental and vision insurance, and plenty of time to rest, recharge, and find balance with unlimited PTO. There’s also a 401K with employer match.

61. Vendavo

Vendavo is a cloud-based solution for B2B organizations, enabling them to centrally manage pricing across product portfolios, global sales teams, customers, channels, and markets.

From setting up their employees for the future, with retirement benefits, 401(K) and healthcare benefits, to company events, flexible working hours, flexible paid time off and volunteer opportunities, Vendavo makes sure they’re looking after their staff.

62. Huntress

Huntress protects your business from determined cybercriminals. Discover the power of a managed cybersecurity platform backed by human threat hunters.

Joining Huntress means joining a fully remote team of passionate individuals from all over the world. Benefits include comprehensive PTO, healthcare and leave policies, a 5% 401k match, professional growth opportunities,stock options, and monthly digital reimbursements.

63. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a same-day service platform which instantly connects people with skilled Taskers to help with cleaning, furniture assembly, home repairs, running errands and other tasks.

Their employees enjoy comprehensive health & 401K, flexible PTO and company closures, wellbeing allowance and free access to mindfulness apps, family planning support, learning and development allowances and a range of perks and stipends - including discounts for IKEA and TaskRabbit.

64. HeadSpace

HeadSpace is an app that promotes mindfulness, meditation and better sleep, teaching life-changing skills and encouraging healthy habits.

For employees, they receive access to dedicated behavioral health coaches and free mental health therapy on top of flexible time off, every other Friday off, $5-10K lifetime family planning benefit, generous parental leave and comprehensive plans for mental, vision and dental.

65. Persona

Persona connects remote executive assistants with companies and professionals. On average, persona provides assistants that work 32 hours per week for their clients.

Employee benefits of Persona include health insurance coverage, retirement plans, and paid time off. Persona also gives their employees the opportunity to work remotely, making it an accessible workplace.

66. Mercury

Mercury is financial technology company which aids the financial workflow of fintech companies. Over 200 thousand startups use Mercury to run financial operations.

With 175 employees, Mercury provides health, dental and vision insurance. They also provide company equity and paid family leave. Furthermore, Mercury supports their employees by hosting free weekly meals and providing discounts for gym memberships.

67. Alku

Alku provide specialized consulting services across the US. They focus their resources on areas of technology, HCIT, Life Sciences, and Government Programs.

Benefits of employment include health, dental and vision insurance, a gym membership, and paid time off. Alku offers a retirement plan and a work from home policy. They also provide company social outings for their employees.

68. PagerDuty

PagerDuty is a software development company based in San Francisco. The company identify digital issues and opportunities to over 18,000 businesses.

Perks and benefits include health, dental, vision and life insurance, and paid time off. They have an employee stock purchase plan, and a work from home policy. PagerDuty also provides free food and company social outings to their employees to aid company well-being.

69. Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a software development company based in San Jose. They employ AI to provide intelligent automation solutions.

For their employees, Automation Anywhere provides health, dental, vision and life insurance. The company also focuses on employee well-being by offering gym memberships, free food, remote working, and company social outings. They also give the financial benefit of performance bonuses, and offer legal assistance.

70. Sigma Computing

Sigma Computing is a Cloud Analytics Business Intelligence tool. The company enables speedy data exploration and is based in San Francisco.

Employee benefits include health insurance, a retirement plan, options for company stocks, and paid time off. Sigma Computing also offers free lunch and snacks to their employees.

71. The Informatics Applications Group (TIAG)

The Informatics Applications Group (TIAG) deliver transformative technology solutions for the public sector and the Department of Defense. They aim to modernize with synergistic processes.

TIAG offer disability insurance to their employees alongside health, life, and vision insurance. They also provide their employees with a flexible savings account.

72. SentinelOne

Founded in 2013, SentinelOne is a computer and network security business which provides easy-to-use solutions to technological issues. The company have enterprise customers worldwide and are located in California.

SentinelOne provide medical, dental and vision coverage to their employees and offer perks including gym reimbursement, a wellness app, and a global wellness challenge to drive accountability.

73. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is a software development company based in Atlanta. Their AI-powered revenue workflow platform aims to improve buyer and customer engagement to increase global productivity.

Their various employee benefits include dental, vision, health, and life insurance, with gym memberships and paid time off. Some financial benefits include a retirement plan, performance bonuses, tuition reimbursement and an employee stock purchase plan. Office perks include free food, company social outings, remote working opportunities, and legal assistance.

74. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a technology company which cares for homeowners. They provide personalized guidance across the US with small fixes, routine maintenance, and major home improvements.

Their employee benefits include dental, vision, health, and life insurance and gym memberships. They also provide paid time off with an employee stock purchase plan, alongside a work from home policy and legal assistance.

75. Drata

Drata is a software development company in San Diego which provides a security and compliance platform for thousands of clients. They have under 500 employees.

They support their employees with dental, health, disability, vision, and life insurance. They also provide a flexible spending account and a health savings account.


Based in Tel Aviv, is a software development company that aims to give everyone the power to build and improve the running of their organization.

Their employee benefits include dental, health, vision, and life insurance. They offer paid holidays and a retirement plan alongside free food, company social outings, a work from home policy and a pet-friendly space.

77. Teleport

Teleport are a California-based software development company that work to provide easy and secure protection for infrastructure. They have under 200 employees.

Whilst they provide dental, life, vision and health insurance, they also give paid time off and an employee stock purchase plan. They hold company social outings and offer a work from home policy.

78. WorkRamp

WorkRamp’s Learning Cloud platform is designed to help companies to power both employee and customer learning to develop top talent and exceed revenue targets.

Within their company culture, they are celebrated by employees as a great place to work for their approachable management, sense of belonging and facilities. They also offer unlimited paid time off, full healthcare coverage, and a stipend for remote working.

79. Ironclad

Ironclad provide contract management software that manages digital business contracts. They are based in San Francisco and have nearly 1000 employees.

Their employee benefits include a retirement plan, company-sponsored outings, free food, and health and dental insurance. They also offer childcare and parental leave, plus family medical leave, making them a compassionate company to work for.

80. Beyond

Beyond gives short-term rental managers and owners the necessary tools to get, maintain and maximize revenue.

A certified Great Place to Work, their diverse work culture boasts a range of great benefits including unlimited paid time off, equity options, paid parental leave, budget for a home office, 4% 401K match, and opportunities for international travel.

81. You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget guides spending decisions and creates healthy financial habits. It encourages users to get their finances under control including assigning a dollar per task, paying off debt and saving extra money.

It is one of the best workplaces due to its extensive holiday policy (including a two-week company holiday annually), profit sharing bonuses, and retirement benefits, to name just a few perks.

82. Google

Google is a software development that answers global questions and works to create opportunities for all. Founded in Mountain View,  they have over 10,000 employees.

They offer a plethora of employee benefits from dental, vision, health and life insurance to gym memberships. They provide pain time off, a retirement plan, performance bonuses, an employee stock purchase plan, and free food for their employees.

83. Hopin

Hopin is an online hosting platform for video teleconferencing. They are dedicated to connecting people, building a global community and empowering businesses.

Boasting a fully remote global team, they offer flexible schedules and unlimited vacation. With competitive salaries, performance bonuses and equity options, they also offer generous budgets for Learning & Development, home-office set up, monthly remote work and even the option to choose between Mac or Dell laptops.

84. HubSpot

HubSpot is an easy-to-use CRM to scale businesses. They work in Massachusetts with 10,000 employees.

They have a myriad of employee benefits including life, vision, health and dental insurance, free gym memberships, and paid time off. They also offer tuition reimbursement, an employee stock purchase plan and a retirement plan. They support employees with free food, a pet-friendly environment, a work from home policy and company social outings.

85. Salesforce

Ranked first for CRM, Salesforce is a software development company. They work worldwide with 10,000 employees.

Their employee benefits include dental, vision, health and life insurance, and gym memberships. They offer paid holidays, a retirement plan, performance bonuses, tuition reimbursement and an employee stock purchase plan. Office perks include free food, a pet-friendly environment, company social outings, legal assistance, and a work from home policy.

86. Invoca

Invoca is a call tracking platform that enables marketers to tie customers’ digital journeys to phone calls using online data collection via unique, trackable phone numbers. As a result, it helps marketers gain visibility and deep insights into the campaigns, keywords, and ads that are driving high-value calls.

The company is no stranger to being celebrated for being a great place to work thanks to their collaborative, people-focused and flexible approach to work. Employees report feeling a sense of respect and welcome as well as being able to be flexible with their work to suit their lifestyle and key obligations. With wellness subsidies, stock options and additional PTO the longer you’ve been in the company, Invoca offers many benefits to keep talent happy.

87. Cribl

Cribl is a data engine for IT and security which helps companies transform their data strategy. With the ability to collect data from any source, process billions of events per second and analyze data at any time, in any location, Cribl offers organizations a way to keep up with ever-changing data needs.

From health benefits such as modern health coaching, mental health care and fertility and family benefits to remote office reimbursement and a super generous holiday policy, Cribl puts employees first.

88. Smallwoods

Smallwoods is a fast-growing online company that strives to provide families with timeless home decor. Based in Texas, they handcraft custom decor for global homes at affordable prices.

Smallwoods has under 500 employees who they provide generous annual leave entitlement, flexible working conditions, employer contribution to pension scheme of 10% and enhanced parental leave and sick pay. The Texan company also aim to promote diversity and inclusivity in office.

89. Docusign

Docusign is a software development company in San Francisco. With over 1.5 million customers, Docusign aim to accelerate the process of doing business with intelligent agreement management.

Their plethora of employee benefits include dental, health, life and vision insurance, alongside a gym membership, paid time off, a retirement plan and performance bonuses. They also offer tuition reimbursement and an employee stock purchase plan, with free food and company social outings.

90. Axios HQ

Axios HQ is AI-powered software that organises essential communications. Based in Arlington, Axios HQ plan, write, and send more effective updates proven to boost trust, transparency, and alignment.

With less than 200 employees, Axios HQ offer paid time off with dental, vision, health and life insurance. They also offer an employee stock purchase plan and a work from home policy.

91. Shopify

Shopify is a leading global commerce company which provides tools to grow, market and manage retail businesses of any size. They have over 10,000 employees and are based in Ottowa.

Shopify offer a myriad of employee benefits including dental, vision, health and life insurance with gym memberships. They also provide tuition reimbursement, paid time off, an employee stock purchase plan, and a pet-friendly office with free food.

92. Meta

Led by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Meta builds technologies to help people find communities and grow businesses. Meta moves beyond Facebook's screens towards an immersive experience like virtual reality to build the next evolution in social technology.

Meta's plentiful employee benefits and perks include dental, vision, health and life insurance alongside gym memberships, paid holidays, a retiremant plan and an employee stock purchase plan. As well as performance bonuses, Meta offers free food and company social outings.

93. Microsoft

Microsoft's mission is to empower organizations to achieve more. Founded in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft embrace technological innovation in 190 countries with over 220,000 global employees.

Their 220,000 employees receive dental, vision and life insurance, paid holidays and a retirement plan. Microsoft also offer performance bonuses, an employee stock purchase plan and company social outings.


Based in La Jolla, California, save time for event organizers by providing event-goers access to virtual and in-person experiences. They have under 200 employees. employees receive dental, vision, health and life insurance with paid holidays and a retirement plan, performance bonuses, and an employee stock purchase plan. They host a post-friendly environment with company social outings.

95. ROI Healthcare Solutions, LLC

ROI Healthcare Solutions, LLC, based in Atlanta, is a national healthcare information support firm. They aim to maximize each client's ROI in their healthcare information techology investment.

With under 200 employees, ROI offer dental, vision, health and life insurance, as well as paid holidays, a retirement plan, tuition reimbursement and a work from home policy.

96. Expel

Expel is a leading managed detection and response provider which works to minimize risk and build resillience in network security. They have under 500 employees and are based in Herndon, Virginia.

Their numerous employee benefits include gym reimbursement, dental, vision, health and life insurance alongside paid holidays and a retirement plan. They also offer performance bonuses, free food, company social outings, and a flexible work from home policy.

97. Snapsheet

Snapsheet works to simplify insurance claims processing using a cutting-edge cloud-based claims processing software platform.

As well as complete medical, dental and vision insurance, with a range of deductibles, they also offer a range of comprehensive insurances and aim to promote a great work-life balance through work-from-home policies and unlimited paid time off and paid parental leave.

98. OwnBackup

OwnBackup is a data security software company based in New Jersey. They have supported hundreds of organizations through data loss and corruption crises.

Their employee benefits include dental, vision and health insurance and paid holidays. They also offer a retirement plan, performance bonuses, company social outings and free food.

99. Buffer

Buffer helps you grow your audience organically - on social and beyond. It offers organizations affordable and intuitive marketing tools to help them work more efficiently and effectively. A fully-remote team, allowing its employees to work wherever they’re happiest, they use a salary formula to adjust to employees’ cost of living and experience.

As well as a savings plan and profit sharing, they also offer 4-day workweeks, home office set up budget, ‘growth mindset’ fund for L&D, stipends for co-working or for working from coffee shops, and a free kindle with unlimited books. For employees with a family, they offer a fully paid 16 weeks of family leave for all parents and a family support fund which includes a stipend for each child. Fully-paid, 6-week sabbaticals can be taken after every 5 years with Buffer.

100. Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a top management consulting firm advising leaders on strategy, marketing, organization, operations, IT and M&A, across all sectors.

For their employees, they  offer comprehensive wellbeing support with health plans, mental health resources, fitness, and fertility support, as well as financial security through various insurances and retirement savings. Their flexible policies include paid leave, flexible working options, and extensive family leave, complemented by a strong culture of mentorship and continuous learning opportunities.

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