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Startup Review: Trade Parts Finder - Spare Parts Sourcing

Trade Parts Finder (TPF) is a new startup transforming the way that service professionals source spare parts.

This company, set at the crossroads of technology and maintenance, offers a unique solution to an age-old problem faced by maintenance companies worldwide.

With an initial focus on the UK's highly fragmented plumbing and heating market, TPF is set on a path to revolutionise the procurement process in various maintenance sectors. By addressing the inefficiencies and time-consuming nature of traditional sourcing methods, TPF stands out as a company with innovation and efficiency at its core.

How Did Trade Parts Finder Start?

TPF started with a combination of personal experience and professional expertise. One of the co-founders, armed with a background in Business and Economics and a history of scaling technology companies, was inspired by the challenges faced in his father's maintenance company.

Observing the inefficient and manual processes involved in sourcing spare parts, he recognised a universal problem causing billions in productivity losses.

This realisation sparked the idea for TPF - a solution that would not only streamline his father's business operations but also address a widespread challenge in the maintenance industry.

What Services Are Offered By TPF?

TPF offers a range of innovative services designed to streamline the spare parts sourcing process.

At its core, TPF provides a platform that significantly simplifies and streamlines the identification, purchase, and financing of appliance replacement parts.

Key services include the use of Large Language Models, Natural Language Processing, and Image Recognition for accurate part identification, a comparison tool for stock availability to secure the best prices and lead times, and an integrated system for seamless checkout, billing, and delivery tracking.

This approach, tailored to the needs of maintenance companies, not only accelerates the procurement process but also unlocks significant productivity gains, fundamentally altering the landscape of replacement part sourcing.