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TechNational's Top Companies to Work For 2024 - Top 10

1. HotJar

HotJar is a product experience insights platform offering behavior analytics, recordings and feedback data to help you understand your customers more deeply and improve user experience.

They pride themselves on providing “perks that people actually want”, investing in home-office space, extensive paid leave policies and budgets for holidays, personal development and wellbeing. A remote-first company, they also have a budget dedicated to bringing people together from all over the world.

"They get it. From investing in home-office setups to having paid leave policies that everyone wants, HotJar knows how to make remote work awesome. Plus, they bring their global team together, which is fantastic." - Brenda Christensen

2. Uptimize

Uptimize enhances team performance for tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and IBM by leveraging diverse talents. As a leader in the "Neurodiversity at Work" movement, Uptimize unlocks unique skills of all thinkers, including neurodivergent individuals like autistic, ADHD, or dyslexic individuals.

With a highly neurodiverse team of their own, Uptimize supports all employees in understanding their work preferences and provides flexibility with unlimited paid time off and flexible scheduling.

"Leading the way in the "Neurodiversity at Work" movement, Uptimize is all about leveraging diverse talents and offering flexible scheduling and unlimited paid time off. Their support for neurodivergent individuals is top-notch." - Brenda Christensen

3. Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Brooklyn Robot Foundry redefines STEM education by integrating creativity with technology in hands-on robotics workshops for children, blending art and design with science, technology, engineering, and math.

It's a great place to work because it fosters an inclusive, diverse environment with a strong commitment to accessibility, and supports franchise partners who are women and/or minorities.

"Brooklyn Robot Foundry excels by integrating a unique mix of creativity and technology in its hands-on STEM education workshops" - Elle Farrell-Kingsley

4. She Rises Studios

She Rises Studios is an Empowered Women's Multi-Digital Marketing Studio and Publishing Company dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and educating women globally through community and various channels, including publishing, podcasts, magazines, and more.

What makes She Rises Studios a great place to work is its supportive and inclusive culture, flexible scheduling, remote work opportunities, and competitive compensation. Employees become part of a movement dedicated to creating meaningful change and impact, driven by a mission to inspire and empower women globally. With excellent leadership and a dynamic, diverse team, the work environment cultivates personal and professional growth, making each team member feel valued, inspired and impactful.

"She Rises Studios is doing fantastic work to empower women globally through its inclusive multi-digital marketing platform and supportive culture." - Elle Farrell-Kingsley


INSHUR is an embedded insurance provider for the on-demand economy, working with global platforms such as Uber and Amazon to provide cover and support to rideshare, delivery and other on-demand economy drivers.

Their team, distributed across the UK, the Netherlands, and the US, is based around a people-first environment that is positive, supportive and inclusive. With generous PTO, individual personal development budgets, as well as private healthcare (insurance) for team members and their families, monthly wellbeing allowances and an Employee Assistance Programme, INSHUR is committed to their team members staying healthy, productive, and supported.

"With a people-first mindset, generous personal development budgets, and great healthcare benefits, INSHUR is committed to keeping their team healthy and motivated." - Brenda Christensen

6. 6sense

6sense is an AI-based company delivering intelligence to revenue teams helping them understand customer buying behavior and recommending the best course of action for buying teams.

As a workplace, 6sense is dedicated to caring for their team. Health and wellness is a priority as well as providing professional development for their employees. They also encourage social wellbeing, by means of flexible time off and access to co-working spaces, and opportunities to give back to the community.

"They prioritize health, wellness, professional development, and community engagement, making it a supportive and enriching place to work." - Brenda Christensen

7. is a data science company leveraging digital twins and AI to model and optimize supply chains. Its Optii system simulates all the possible ways that demand and supply variability can play out and in doing so, identifies the most cost-effective resilient supply chain model to respond proactively.

Their approachable leadership team inspire confidence and provide clear direction, fostering a sense of purpose and motivation among employees. Flexible working hours, remote work, generous PTO, learning opportunities, and mentorship programs are some of the supportive initiatives woven into work culture at Oii. Employee feedback is consistently 100% positive.

"'s digital twin technology exploration is innovative, using AI to revolutionise supply chain optimization with its innovative Optii system." - Elle Farrell-Kingsley

8. Labelbox

Labelbox is a software development company helping organizations build higher-quality AI intelligence products through labeling data.

From unlimited paid time off and regular company social events to paying for daily lunches (including for those working from home), labelbox is committed to providing an outstanding employee experience.

9. Herd

Herd is a leading performance marketing and development agency that helps global brands achieve exceptional reach and revenue through expertise in SEO, Content, Digital PR, Paid Media, and International Expansion, and excels as Shopify Plus Partners in website creation and design.

Herd is a great place to work due to its strong commitment to employee wellbeing, offering flexible/hybrid working, generous annual leave, volunteer day leave, charitable activities, and inhouse team socials such as movie nights and book clubs. They also provide unlimited training resources and certifications to promote mental health, work-life balance, and further expertise.

"With flexible working options, Herd focuses on work-life balance and employee well-being." - Brenda Christensen

10. ChicExecs

ChicExecs is an award-winning Public Relations, Retail Strategy, and Brand Marketing agency based in San Marcos, Calif., creating multi-channel marketing plans to help take companies to the next level. Founded by Nikki Carlson and Kailynn Bowling, the agency encompasses their backgrounds in marketing, public relations, business management, retail, and sales.

Their team of more than 80 employees develops innovative ways to generate retail sell-through and brand awareness on both regional and national levels - turning a napkin idea into a household name. It's a fantastic place to work due to its emphasis on employee well-being, offering benefits like flexible schedules, remote work options, and a supportive, collaborative culture that fosters creativity and professional growth.

"Flexible schedules, remote work, and a collaborative culture highlight their commitment to employee well-being and growth." - Brenda Christensen