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Mobile Network Operators will Need to Change by the End of the Decade By Suzy Menneret

Suzy Menneret is MEF Wholesale Advisor and Program Lead at the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) a global trade body established in 2000 and headquartered in the UK with members across the world.

The environment Mobile Network Operators inhabit is becoming increasingly crowded and complex. As Mobile Network Operators cannot provide the entire set of solutions and services across the mobile value chain, their ability to transform and collaborate or enter into partnerships with other stakeholders in the industry will play a key role in their ability to succeed in the long term.

Agility and flexibility

Shifts in technology impact more than just MNOs. Opportunities are also created for the other players in the ecosystem: hyperscalers, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), cloud and solutions providers, etc. They are equally keen to take a big chunk of the mobile services revenue pie.

Mobile Network Operators need to be paying significant attention to their ability to adapt. The larger the organisation, the harder this is, but to stay afloat in times of profound industry transformation, it is essential for Mobile Network Operators to be flexible in their ways of working and their ability to embrace new technologies, new partners, new skills, etc. The Mobile Network Operators that trust their employees and give them the freedom to think outside the box are the ones we are most likely to see thriving in 2030.


In order for Mobile Network Operators to be able to adapt, they need to become simpler to deal with. This means leveraging AI and virtualisation where it makes sense and requires the right balance of human interaction towards customers, industry players or internal stakeholders, all the while being cost conscious.

When we need help with a technology, we all want to hear a human voice providing the answer we are looking for. The business-to-business space is no different. Customers (B2B and B2C) want a seamless experience, and an omnichannel strategy that removes communications channel silos will be key for Mobile Network Operators who want to be ahead of the race in 2030.


In the business-to-consumer segment, consumers tend to think of Mobile Network Operators only in terms of network coverage. Consumers seldom think of them when it comes to services. Instead, they look to third parties. This is why partnering with the right external players presents such a great opportunity for Mobile Network Operators.

New technologies, such as 5G, will open up greater possibilities for Mobile Network Operators, both in the business-to-consumer and the business-to-business segments, but innovative partners are needed to spot and leverage these opportunities.

In the business-to-business segment in particular, Mobile Network Operators should strive to be so much more than just the network provider. Partnering should be a critical component of a business-to-business Mobile Network Operator strategy.​


The pace of change in technology is transforming every aspect of the services Mobile Network Operators provide.

I believe the most successful Mobile Network Operators in 2030 will be those who’ve simplified their customer communication processes, and linked with myriad partners to offer services and functionality to both business-to-consumer and business-to-business customers that is far greater than the simple sum of the individual parts: more effective, and much more user-friendly.


Suzy Menneret is MEF Wholesale Advisor and Program Lead at the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) a global trade body established in 2000 and headquartered in the UK with members across the world. As the voice of the mobile ecosystem, it focuses on cross- industry best practices, anti-fraud and monetisation. The Forum provides its members with global and cross-sector platforms for networking, collaboration and advancing industry solutions.

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