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Meet Warmable - A New Energy Startup

Two entrepreneurs are excited to announce the launch of a new business and website,

Customers can enter their details in less than 30 seconds online and book an installer to come and service, install or repair their boiler, often on the same day or within 48 hours. If they are not matched immediately with a boiler engineer or plumber, the customer receives a callback within 2 minutes asking for more information and a site visit is manually set up.

The website combines more than 10 years of experience and connects over 1,000 registered engineers across the UK, Scotland and Wales to help households and businesses to find the best boilers and installers in their area.


The business was founded by Richard Allan and Daniel Tannenbaum, who both have a history of being landlords and a passion for tech.

“We know that boilers are the heart and soul of any household and often taken for granted,” explains Co-Founder Richard Allan.

“When your boiler is on the brink, we are talking about no heating and no hot water for your family and kinds, in other words chaos.”

“But in the minefield of understanding what is the right price to pay for a new boiler, installation or even just a service, we aim to maximise transparency in our pricing, so that the customer gets the best rate possible and is able to arrange a site visit within 24 to 48 hours from a registered professional plumber or engineer.”

“We receive a commission from the plumber who makes the visit and completes the job - so there is no marking up of any boiler products, cover or services and therefore we are not pushing any particular brands or makes by any means.”

“We are also aware of new regulation coming out that requires landlords to get their boilers up to a C-Grade by 2028 which is essential.”


The technology behind Warmable uses APIs to connect the customer to more than 1,000 registered engineers, so that the plumber gets a notification by email or phone to call the individual as soon as possible.

The engineers are motivated, knowing that if they respond fast, they will be more likely to arrange a site visit and get paid work. A site visit is free and no obligation to proceed, once again, putting the customer in control.

We service various boilers including gas, electric, oil, combi and heat pumps and the technology is able to filter the customer’s requirements to the best installer possible.


Annual service - Any gas or combi boilers require an annual service to ensure there are no leaks or problems that may arise, this costs around £80 to £120 and is compulsory. For many, this is paid for by their boiler cover.

Boiler repairs - If your boiler is clunking, leaking or making strange noises, our engineers can come inspect and fix it for you.

Boiler installation - If you have a new boiler, we can install this for you, starting from around £1500, replacing your old boiler and taking it away in the process.