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Interview With Jonathan Torres - Founder of SuperDinero

The TechNational sat down with Jonathan Torres, the founder of,  the leading personal finance website in the USA for spanish speakers.

For millions of latinos and spanish speakers trying to navigate the personal finance landscape when moving to the US, the website is a leading resource for those looking for credit cards, mortgages, debt advice and more.

Why Did You Set Up SuperDinero?

I founded Superdinero with the goal of providing valuable and accessible financial information to Spanish speakers residing in the USA. Regrettably, crucial financial resources are predominantly offered in English, making it challenging for Spanish speakers to access this vital information.

Since establishing Superdinero in 2018, we take pride in having assisted millions of users in comprehending financial information and finding solutions, all presented in a language that feels familiar and comfortable to them.

What Have You Learnt From Running The Business?

Since the inception of Superdinero, our economy has experienced numerous fluctuations, ranging from the challenges posed by the 2020 pandemic to a subsequent economic upswing post-COVID, followed by the current financial downturn fuelled by inflation and rising interest rates.

Amidst these economic shifts, one significant lesson stands out: the Latino American population in the United States emerges as an exceptionally resilient yet often under appreciated economic force. Despite facing various challenges, this demographic continues to play a crucial role as a driving force in the USA's economic landscape.

If You Could Give One Piece of Financial Advice, What Would It Be?

If I were to offer a key piece of financial advice, it would echo the wisdom my mom imparted to me throughout my upbringing: exercise prudence in managing your finances and avoid pursuing an unsustainable lifestyle merely for the sake of showcasing it to others. A person earning $50,000 annually, yet practicing sound money habits, can be wealthier in the long run than someone earning $150,000 but lacking financial discipline. Furthermore, once you've established a savings foundation and created a comfortable financial cushion, don't hesitate to invest in your own personal and professional growth.