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Interview with Jared Lerner from Nappr: A New Model of Hotels

A new microstay hotel platform is helping busy on-the-go professionals get through their days a little easier and they are growing fast!

Nappr is a marketplace that offers 4- to 10-hour hotel rates to help people catch up on rest and meet the demands of their unique schedules.Their network of 1,000+ global properties gives anyone on-the-go the opportunity to book rooms same-day at chains like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton and also many boutiques for up to 50% off the overnight rate - and with all of the amenities included. This also gives hotels the ability to fill their unused capacity and generate extra revenue with convenient, hourly scheduling.

We caught up with “ZzZEO” and self-proclaimed Chief Sleep Evangelist Jared Lerner for an inside scoop on the business.

TTN: Thanks for joining us Jared.

Jared: No problem! Thanks for having me.

TTN: So tell us - how’d you think of this idea? I’ve never heard of something like this.

Jared: This is a personal venture for me as I’ve dealt with a bunch of sleep issues in my life (and still do), and it made me want to help other people in the same boat. I used to try and combat this by chugging a bunch of caffeine, but I realized that it was only leading to a moderate amount of productivity and a lot of burnout. I figured there had to be a healthier way to get by than this.

TTN: With naps?

Jared: With naps or just resting in general, yep. There is so much research out there that shows that even a 30-minute power nap can make you more productive and significantly improve your brain activity, and many people don’t know this. It’s literally one of the best ways to combat a bad night’s sleep. But even if you’re not a napper, you can still relax at the other amenities of the hotel like the pool or gym, or meditate in your room.

TTN: Gotcha. So you’re basically targeting anyone who is tired, but unable to rest wherever they are?

Jared: That’s our main audience, yes. One of our biggest targets is airport travelers on a long layover or a red-eye that gets in much earlier than their hotel check in time (typically 3pm or later). We can help bridge that gap for people since we have a lot of airport hotels. We’re also trying to help people like medical workers and office workers who are working long, strenuous shifts, Uber and Lyft drivers, commuter students, etc. - basically anyone that needs a reprieve during the daytime and doesn’t have the means to get one at the moment.

TTN: Very cool! And what’s your long term vision for this? To get as many hotels as possible across the world?

Jared: Hotels are reliable and comfortable so we’d love to have thousands more on our platform. We also have some more ambitious long-term goals like having consumers host (like on Airbnb) and to also have our own brick and mortar stores directly in airport terminals. We’re basically trying to make this as accessible and convenient as possible so that you don’t have to go more than 10 minutes to get some quality rest, and both of those channels would help us accomplish that.