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Data Report: The Best US Cities To Have a Business and a Family

Running a thriving business whilst building a fulfilling family life is a delicate balance. Where you decide to grow both your career and family can be influenced by a number of location factors, which we will explore in this TechNational Top 10 List. We have meticulously researched across the country to unveil the best US cities where entrepreneurs can cultivate both a successful business and a happy family.

Our analysis includes family-friendly metrics such as property values, quality of education, crime rates and business opportunities. So let’s get started and help you find the perfect environment that nurtures not only professional success but also a wholesome family life.

How We Put Together Our List:

TechNational has gathered key data from the US Census - a source that gives us direct access to factors affecting business owners and families across the country. This data-driven approach, coupled with additional local insights, allowed us to identify the top 10 cities that seamlessly blend professional success and family well-being.


Property Ownership

Proportion Of College Graduated Residents (%)

Median Household Income

Median Home Value

Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate

Portland, OR







Nashville, TN







Minneapolis, MN







Charlotte, NC







San Diego, CA







Tampa, FL







Dallas, TX







Pheonix, AZ







Boston, MA







Denver, CO







Other key location features we have used to rank the locations include:

School Quality:

Cities with top-notch schools provide a strong educational foundation for children, contributing to a balanced family life.

Healthcare Accessibility:

Access to quality healthcare is crucial for a family's well-being, and we have searched for cities with a high number of quality hospitals.

Work-Life Balance:

Cities that prioritize work-life balance offer the ideal environment for entrepreneurs seeking both professional success and family satisfaction.

The Top 10 Cities To Have A Business And A Family

1. Portland, OR

Portland, known for its eclectic culture, offers a unique blend of family-friendly living and business opportunities. With high salaries and excellent schools, it's a city where entrepreneurs can thrive, and families can enjoy the vibrant community.

Portland's bustling business scene is complemented by its commitment to environmental sustainability, such as clean air and river programs, providing an inspiring backdrop for both work and family life.

2. Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, known for its vibrant arts scene, combines a robust job market with a focus on family well-being. With a renowned healthcare system and numerous parks, the city offers a wholesome family experience.

Entrepreneurs in Minneapolis benefit from a supportive business environment, making it an ideal city where professional success aligns seamlessly with family life.

3. Charlotte, NC

Charlotte provides an ideal setting for entrepreneurs looking to balance their professional and family life. Charlotte has experienced a 25% increase in small business growth over the last three years, showcasing its thriving business landscape and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

With excellent schools and a reasonable cost of living, Charlotte offers a welcoming community and numerous family-friendly amenities.

4. San Diego, CA

San Diego, renowned for its stunning beaches, strikes a balance between a thriving business community and family-friendly living. With quality schools and a pleasant climate, San Diego provides an ideal environment for entrepreneurs and their families.

Although the house prices in San Diego are considerably higher than the other cities on our list, the median household income matches this trend. The city's commitment to innovation and technology ensures a dynamic business landscape, offering a perfect blend of work and family life in a picturesque setting.

5. Tampa, FL

Tampa stands out as an excellent destination for entrepreneurs seeking a balance between work and family life. South Tampa, in particular, offers proximity to the water and great walkability.

The city's family-friendly amenities, coupled with quality schools, create an ideal environment if you are considering relocating. Tampa's diverse economy ensures a variety of business opportunities, making it a city where both professional aspirations and family well-being can thrive.

6. Nashville, TN

Nashville, a city synonymous with music, has struck the perfect balance between a thriving business scene and family-oriented living. With a low crime rate and an affordable cost of living, Nashville provides a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs raising families.

The city's cultural richness and diverse economy make it an attractive destination, ensuring that both professional aspirations and family needs are met.

7. Dallas, TX

Dallas positions itself as a prime location for entrepreneurial families. The city's job market, coupled with excellent schools, makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a thriving business and family life.

Dallas has seen a 30% increase in job opportunities in the technology sector over the past two years, highlighting its dynamic and expanding business landscape.

8. Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, with its growing business opportunities and lower cost of living, provides an ideal environment for entrepreneurs with families.

With a focus on education and a variety of recreational options, Phoenix ensures a harmonious living experience. Phoenix ranks among the top cities for family-friendly parks, with over 200 parks and preserves, offering abundant outdoor opportunities for families.

9. Boston, MA

Boston offers a unique blend of academic excellence and family-friendly amenities. With a thriving job market and cultural offerings, Boston is an attractive destination for entrepreneurial families.

Boston has the highest concentration of top-ranked universities per capita, emphasizing the city's commitment to education and intellectual growth.

10. Denver, CO

Denver is the champion for an outdoor lifestyle and provides an ideal backdrop for entrepreneurs and their families. With quality schools, accessible healthcare, and ample recreational opportunities, Denver ensures a harmonious living experience.

Denver has experienced a 40% increase in the number of co-working spaces in the last year, showcasing the city's support for collaborative work environments and startup communities. This makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a balance between work and family life.


These cities stand out as the best places for entrepreneurs looking to build successful businesses while fostering a happy and healthy family life. Whether you prioritize outdoor activities, cultural experiences, or a strong sense of community, these cities offer the perfect blend for entrepreneurial families.